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At, our passions run deep; for landscapes, architecture, nature, & art. We are excited about the process of designing professional quality landscapes that not only draw from the unique characteristics of your home and needs but are designed to fit your lifestyle as well.  We work seamlessly with homeowners and landscape professionals to provide the highest quality of workmanship to each design that we deliver.

Our primary aim with each and every one of our landscape designs is to create aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor areas that fit well within your living space and allow you to fully appreciate your time spent outdoors!  Just as importantly, we design for the budget-conscious client, or for the homeowner who wants to fully maximize the property’s potential.  We believe that, through exceptional design and our wealth of knowledge, we can engineer a professional, valuable landscape design that can be achieved, either by your local professional installer or by the DIY-approach.   

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Why You Should Be Serious About Your Landscape Architecture

Why You Should Be Serious About Your Landscape Architecture

In an urban setting, landscape architecture is the creative use of existing space to provide small pockets of growth and sustainability. This is realized in spaces such as rooftop gardens, pocket parks, hanging gardens, and so on. The main idea of architecture in this context being function AND form combining to provide a place for nature to grow while also providing a space that is pleasing to the eye and can't create a type of harmony with the soul that mere bricks and concrete can do, alone.

Best Perennials and Shrubs to Plant or Bloom in Spring

Best Perennials and Shrubs to Plant or Bloom in Spring

While it might seem like Winter is too early and too cold to be thinking about Spring planting, planning your garden in the Winter is the best time to do so! Planning your garden can be hard work and time consuming, so it's always good to find ways to keep things as easy as possible, hence, perennials are a great solution to making sure your yard pops come Spring.

“The goal I set out to achieve many years ago is to provide EVERYONE with the possibility of obtaining a beautiful, well-functioning little slice of heaven right in their own backyard. The older I get, the more I confirm my beliefs that we need this balance and nature in our lives. It rejuvenates us, it inspires us, and it brings us together. If I can even be a small part of bringing that to our clients with a thoughtful landscape design, I will be a happy man.”

– Paul Knapp, Founder

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