Rear Yard Landscape Design Online

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Using your photos, video(s), satellite imagery, and any additional information you provide, your dedicated designer will work with you to customize your perfect backyard.  Whether your rear yard is for partying, playing, or relaxing, we will design your dream!

Rear yard designs can include:

Hardscaping, Pergolas, Patios/Decks, Outdoor Kitchens, Pool & Hot Tub Concepts, Outdoor Lighting, Furnishing, Plantings, and more!

$525 Rear Yard Design Base Package Includes:

  • Professional Designer
  • Smaller Lot Size 1/4 Acre or less (10,890 SF or less)
  • Design Preview
  • 2D Landscape Master Plan (Color Rendered)
  • Finished Material List
  • One Complimentary Revision to 2D Plan
  • Install/Maintain Guide
  • Planting Schedule
  • “D.I.Y.” Guidance & Support

Additional Options:

  • Add $400 – Medium Lot Size (Entire Lot ‘length x width’) Above 1/4 Acre (10,890 SF) to 1/2 Acre (21,780 SF)
  • Add $800 – Larger Lot Size (Entire Lot ‘length x width’) Above 1/2 Acre (21,780 SF) to 1 Acre (43,560 SF)
  • Add $700 – 3D Model Rendering
  • Add $150 – Side Yard Design
  • Add $100 – Lighting Render & Plan
  • Add $200 – Contractor Referral & Support (If available in your area, refunded if not)
  • CONTACT US if you are unsure about your Lot Size.  We can help you determine it.


Please Contact Us if your entire lot is above 1 Full Acre for custom pricing.


How do I design my backyard?  Based on your personal taste and location, your landscape designer will gather relevant information from you to come up with a functional and aesthetically pleasing rear yard design!

Can I do this with an App?  It is not something we can recommend.  Our twenty-year history in the landscape industry allows us to knowledgeably customize your design specifically to meet your needs and create solutions to issues you realize, and issues you may be unaware you have.

How do I choose a Landscape Professional to install your design?  As an add-on, we can take this process and help you completely through it.  We’ll contact landscape professionals in your area that are qualified to get the job done.   This is a great option to get multiple bids on the design we produce for you to compare different rates.  If you choose to find your own contractor, start online.  Search and see what comes up.  Look at photo galleries, online reviews separate from their site, and finally talk to them personally!  Send them your design, and see how they propose to make it a reality.

Do you offer revisions?  Yes!  Revisions are part of the process.  We try to eliminate multiple revisions by sending you a preliminary design concept showing you the basics first.  Here we can work through the layout and scope before we move on to the final design.  Once you receive your final landscape design, if you require a revision we will do so at no extra charge.  If you require a complete redesign, we will discuss the additional fees that may occur.

What if I don’t like the work, do you offer refunds?  In short, we do not offer refunds as this work is a service, but we are also reasonable.  We’ll determine on a case-by-case basis if a refund is warranted.  Because we offer preliminary design changes and revisions, we feel we are giving you plenty of opportunities to allow us to create a design that fits both your requirements and wishes.


Additional information

Property Size

1/2 Acre to 1 Acre, 1/4 Acre or Less, 1/4 Acre to 1/2 Acre


Add Lighting, No Lighting

Side Yard

Add Side Yard, No Side Yard

3D Modeling

Add 3D Modeling, No 3D Modeling

Contractor Referral

Add Referral, No Referral