5 Cheap or Free Ways to Have Fun in your Backyard

5 Cheap or Free Ways to Have Fun in your Backyard

Summer is here, and as we approach the heat and celebrations of July, it’s important to have fun ideas and a good plan on how to spend quality time with your kids and family! With the way the world is these days, we know and understand that budgets are tight this year, and many are looking for cost-effective ways to entertain themselves without breaking the bank. Below are five ideas we’ve got on offer to have a blast in your back yard without spending too much to do so!


Slip & Slides and Water Pinatas

It’s all in the name. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sliding freely along the lawn on a piece of tarp and water from the house. Whether you spring for the elaborate inflatable setups or literally just lay a tarp down with some stakes, Slip & Slides can be some of the best fun you can have in your yard. Just be sure to switch up your locations after a while and to put everything away when you’re done so that you don’t damage your turf or kill any of your grass!

In the same vein, another new trend are water pinatas! The simplest implementation being water balloons hung on clothesline! Grab a blindfold, give the kids a spin, and have them swing away to see who can make a splash first.

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Explore the Microverse

Nature can be very beautiful at face value, but many people miss out on entire worlds that can only be seen under a magnified lens. Hours of fun can be had with a magnifying glass or a macro lens on your smartphone camera exploring your own backyard. Take a closer look at flowers, weeds, bugs, and just about anything. Use your camera to capture unique, beautiful points of view you just can’t get by leaning back in your lawn chair.

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Backyard Camping & Stargazing

Once your done exploring the microverse, you can explore the macroverse! Lay out some blankets, some tents and some sleeping bags and camp out under the stars in your own back yard! Create your own fire pit, make some S’mores, and sing some campfire songs as you get the camp out experience without the camping costs. Use a stargazing app to find constellations and learn other neat things about the sky above your home!

Create a Backyard Obstacle Course

Now here’s a good challenge not only for the builder, but the participants. We’ve all seen Ninja Warrior and shows like that on TV. Recreate them in your own back yard using items you already own! Tarps, cardboard boxes, totes, ladders, and so on can be arranged around your yard for a fun experience for you and the kids! On hot days, you can even incorporate sprinklers or water pits for an extra splash of fun.

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Play Lawn Games

Now, this might seem like a cop out, but many people overlook classic lawn games such as Bocce Ball, Croquet, and Badminton. Many lawn games are affordable or can be recreated at little cost. Bocce Ball can be recreated with tennis balls, softballs, or any manner of balls you have enough of to get a good game going. Horseshoes, bags, frisbee, and so on are all affordable options that often get overlooked because of how classic they are. But a classic is a classic for a reason. It’s tried and true, but, there’s no reason you can’t spice things up a bit, such as creating your own mini golf course right in your own back yard.

Get the Most Out of Your Backyard

Every inch of your home and property is a resource that can be used to your advantage. Have a nice, comfortable, private getaway in your own back yard can do wonders for your mental health, as well as just make your home a more pleasant place to live. At best, a well-maintained and thought-out landscape can add value to your home that can be measured financially, as well. That’s why it’s important to have a plan when it comes to your yard. At LandscapeArchitectural.com, we offer designs that run the gamut of needs and wants that you could possibly have for your home and garden. If you’re interested in how we can help you get the must fun out of your yard, please consider a free consultation with one of our designers!