7 Low-Cost Ways to Enhance Your Backyard & Landscaping

7 Low-Cost Ways to Enhance Your Backyard & Landscaping

With the way of the world these days, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is spending money on decorations. That being said, a lot can be said about the environment you choose to rest in, and with how hectic and crazy your life likely is, it’s incredibly important to make sure you are getting the rest and recharge you need at home when you’re not busy on the go! Here are seven low-cost ways you can give your backyard character, class, and chill vibes without spending too much money!

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1. LED Lighting

A decade ago, lighting your backyard was much more of a challenge than it is today. Now, with LED and Solar technology being as cheap and obtainable as they are, you suddenly have many more options to light your home and your yard for maximum effect.

String lighting is one example of a cheap and easy way to spruce up your back patio. A nice warm hue will create a comfortable and ambient place to relax during the evening. Solar path lights, of course, are a must for any landscape. They charge during the day, and create little constellations at night in your own backyard.

Basically, any kind of light is available in low-cost, low-wattage LED form and can really accentuate your landscape and architecture for very little money. If you’d like to learn more about landscape lighting, be sure to check out another one of our articles on the topic.

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2. Grow a Salsa Garden

Seeds are cheap, salsa is delicious. This is a no-brainer. Salsa gardens can be planted almost anywhere: a small patch of land next to your deck or patio, in a series of 5-gallon buckets, on vertical planters, and so on. They also offer you everything you need to make some tasty salsa.

3. DIY Planters

Do-It-Yourself has been a steadily increasing trend for a while, now. So why not extend it to your planters? Get as minimalist as re-using old yogurt containers to as elaborate as repurposing old claw-foot tubs into full-sized planters. Here’s 48 other ideas to get the ol’ noodle going.

4. Repurpose and Recycle Old Materials

Old tires, worn-out chairs, rusty wagons, broken wheelbarrows… Almost anything you have lying around that you should have thrown away years ago could have the potential to make your backyard all the better. Anything from using old tools to make a gate to building your own fire pit with old tire rims can be done, all you need is time and imagination!

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5. Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardens are a rising trend that can be considered part of Xeriscaping, a practice which is focused around conservation and creative use of limited space in gardening. Vertical gardens can be hung just about anywhere, such as a fence, the siding of your house, or in an elaborate array of coat hangers and fishing wire. Again, your imagination is your limit here.

(Learn more about Sustainable Landscaping)

6. Outdoor Rugs

As we all know, a good rug will really tie the room together. Why not try using your old rugs outside when you’re done with them inside? Take a look at some of these examples, perhaps you’ll find that an outdoor rug is exactly what you need to tie your yard together.

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7. Plant Bright, Colorful Perennials

Ask anyone who knows anything about landscaping and gardening, they’ll tell you that perennials are truly the gift that keeps on giving. You plant them once, and then they just keep coming back year after year. All YOU have to do is make sure they stay watered, and free of any life-sucking weeds growing near them.

The next best thing about perennials is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And they can bloom multiple times a year AND at different times. Some even bloom in the winter!

If you’d like to know more ways on how your landscape can truly benefit you, please consider having a look around our design gallery to see what can be achieved with just a little time and imagination.