How to Have Fun in Your Own Backyard

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It’s the summer, you’ve been inside all winter and you spent all spring getting ready for the summer, so… Now what? Look no further than right outside your back door! Why waste gas, time, and energy traveling to the beach or an amusement park when you can have just as much fun outside in your own back yard?

What Can You Do Outside When You’re Bored?

Even though we live in a time now where all our comforts and most of our entertainment can be found inside our own homes, it’s still important to get outside once in a while for some sunshine and some fresh air. These elements provide a great, often overlooked benefit to both your physical and mental health and it can be important to allow yourself time outside. Depending on your resources, there’s any number of things you can do outside in your own yard. Gardening, Lawn Games, Lounging, Grilling, Swimming, Fitness, and just some old-fashioned socializing with neighbors, friends, and family.

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How Can I Make My Backyard More Fun?

Having a fun backyard all comes down to what you consider “fun.” Are you a single adult, a kid-free couple, or a family of 6 with children and an active lifestyle? All considerations that can influence how you would want to design your backyard. For instance, if you like having friends and family over, you will want a backyard with plenty of open space for sitting, socializing, and playing games. If you’re into more peaceful activities, a yard with plenty of plants and variety can do wonders for making your yard more inviting and exciting to inhabit.

Other landscape choices such as playgrounds and other backyard structures such as pools and mini bars can play heavily into the enjoyment you get from your yard. Ultimately, it comes down to what makes you happy, and how much time you want to spend in your backyard. So, when it comes to designing your landscape and planning for your needs, the most important aspect to keep in mind is the value of having a place you can go to relax and have fun in your own home.

Fun Summer Backyard Activities For Kids

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Kids love to run and play and move around as much as possible, so it is important to plan for this! Some great ideas to have fun with your kids in the backyard include:

  • Slip and Slides – Fun for everyone, slip and slides can be great fun as long as you have the space to use them safely! Just don’t leave them too long on your grass!
  • Make smores on your own firepit – Install a firepit and make like you’re camping in the woods. Set up some sleeping bags, tents, and other camping accessories to sell the idea you’re on a wild adventure without having to leave home.
  • Scavenger Hunts – With a varied landscape design with layers and tiers and vegetation, one could easily plan a scavenger hunt for kids to find all manner of items in your yard.
  • Arts and Crafts – With enough space to run, play, and create, a creative person could utilize their backyard to experiment with things like finger-paints, clay, woodworking, and so on! A backyard could also be a place to do fun science experiments!

Fun Backyard Ideas for Adults

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  • Host a garden party or a something larger – Use your space to your advantage, create areas in your yard for people to sit and gather and converse. Perhaps a mini bar area? A stone firepit with comfy beanbag hammocks? The sky is the limit!
  • Yard games – Plan for games of skill like bags, oversized Jenga, bocce ball, and so on. There’s nothing more fun than a cold beer and a fun game on a summer day with friends in your own backyard.
  • Movie Night – Inflatable movie screens are a dime a dozen now, and projectors are quite affordable, so why not use your peaceful yard to enjoy a movie night out under the stars?
  • Create a Getaway Nook – Find a spot in your yard that’s peaceful, secluded, and make it your own. Hammocks, swings, nesting chairs… You name it. Nothing says more fun than relaxing in your favorite place during the summer!

As you can see, there’s plenty to keep you busy outside in the summer. Having a yard that’s suited to your needs and gives you the space you need to really let loose is a very important part of your landscape design. Having a professional step in to look at your space and really optimize your landscape could lead to endless years of fun and memories at your home. Online landscape design offers you the flexibility and simplicity to really hone in on what you want to do with your home while eliminating the guesswork. To learn more, check out our homeowner’s page!