Budget Breakdown

Other Hardscape Structures

Retaining Walls & Seat Walls will range between $45 per square foot and $150 per square foot installed. Materials can range from wood, to prefabricated concrete units, to natural stack stone, to masonry laid brick or stone.

Decks professionally installed by competent carpenters generally run between $55 to $120 per square foot installed. Many factors influence this cost including material, railing system, height and topography. Softwood like redwood, cypress, or cedar hold up well outdoors and are generally lower in costs than hardwood like Ipe, Jatoba, Teak and White Oak. Composite decking like Azek or Trex decking is usually on par with hardwood prices, though we are seeing better prices as more options are appearing. Traditional deck railing is going to be much less expensive than steel cable railing or glass/plexiglass systems.

Pergolas and similar-style structures can range between $1,500 with store-bought components, and $15,000+ for structures custom built from wood, composite and/or aluminum (generally by a carpenter).

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