What’s the Best Time to Do Fall Yard Cleaning?

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Summer is fast ending, and now you’re wondering what needs to be done to the yard before winter hits. Thankfully, autumn is a great time to get some landscaping and proper yard work done! If you take the necessary steps, you will find the hard work you put into the fall pay off in the spring when your lawn, trees, and plants all grow and bloom and color your yard into a beautiful display!

When to Do Fall Landscaping

The best time to get your landscaping done in the fall is whenever you have the time! Beyond that, you will want to try to get your work done before the ground gets too cold.

This is the Best Time to Do Fall Yard Cleaning

The best time to get started is when the colors of the leaves have changed and they’re starting to fall. As the trees shed their leaves, you will have the time to prepare your grass, soil, and beds for the coming months.

What To Do to Clean Up Your Yard in the Fall

  1. Grass – You will want to be sure to keep your grass nice and healthy in the fall. This means keeping it clear of debris before the winter hits by raking the leaves up, cutting the grass down short. You will also want to fertilize the grass so that it grows nice and green in the spring.
  2. Removing the Annuals and prepare the Perennials – Throw out the dead annuals, trim and prune the perennials, and transplant the weak ones into indoor pots if you;d like!
  3. Trim and prune your trees – Doing so will allow your trees to grow new limbs in the spring!
  4. Mulch – mulching is very important to do year round in order to protect your beds from all manner of exposure! Hint: Raked leaves make for great mulch!
  5. Aerate and till – Before the frost hits, it couldn’t hurt to aerate your lawn one more time, and also to till your garden beds. This loosens up the soil and provides room for growth in the spring.

And that’s it! Taking care of your yard in the fall is all about cleanup and preparing for the winter. Do what you can to ensure your plants don’t freeze to death, and that your turf and soil stay hardy and healthy so your landscape can thrive and flourish!